Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Training Resource


What’s an ITS project? Is my ITS project exempt, low-risk, or high-risk? What’s this picture above about?

Depending on how it has been classified, the implementation and oversight process of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects may be different than the traditional roadway construction projects you’re familiar with . Because of the high failure of these projects that apply advanced electronics, communications, and information technology, additional procedures have been established to ensure compliance with federal requirements1. Chapter 13 of the Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG) is the primary resource for those involved in the federal ITS process.

An additional ITS resource that many aren’t aware of is the training tool that Local Assistance put together last year. The interactive, narrated presentation was put together for those unable to attend the workshops. Although you’ll miss the discussions from participating live, the training helps introduce you to ITS Program by:

  • Defining the federal-aid ITS process
  • Explaining how to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Sharing best professional practices in planning and implementing ITS projects
  • Discussing the roles and responsibilities for the various folks involved

Over 1.5 hours of material has been prepared, but it can be conveniently viewed by modules to fit your schedule:

Click image to download training file (LAPG_Orientation_Narrated_2014-01-25.ppsx)

If you or someone on your team has a project that has been classified as ITS, download2 the training resource here.

  1. 23 CFR 940, Intelligent Transportation System Architecture and Standards 
  2. The file is 39 MB and requires PowerPoint to view. If you don’t have a copy, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer here