ITS and Traffic Operations Training Resources

The FHWA California Division has put together this list of education and training opportunities for those involved with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and transportation operations projects. Most of the resources listed are free to local agency representatives.

If you have other resources that may be helpful, please share them in the comments below or send them to Jesse Glazer at to help expand the list.

Courses, Books, Workshops and Webinars:

ITS e-Primer
The ITS ePrimer is both a stand-alone reference document for the ITS practitioner as well as a text for education and training programs.

USDOT PCB – Professional Capacity Building
The PCB program offers classes, webinars, and certificate programs, many thru CITE & ITE (below).

CITE – Consortium for ITS Education
CITE offers over 30 web-based and “blended” courses, plus three certificate programs. NOW FREE TO ALL PUBLIC AGENCIES

NHI – National Highway Institute
NHI offers classes at locations around the country, plus webinars on ITS and many other subjects.

NTI – National Transit Institute
NTI offers several ITS-Transit classes nationwide, plus teleconference sessions and other resources.

ITE – Institute of Transportation Engineers
ITE offers online courses, webinars and certificate programs:

ITSA – Intelligent Transportation Society of America
ITSA holds annual conferences and conducts webinars periodically.

ITS California (the California Chapter of ITS America)
ITS-CA conducts in-depth technical workshops on a variety of ITS topics every few months, sometimes as “brown-bag lunch,” at various locations.

TRB – Transportation Research Board
TRB offers webinars on various transportation topics, plus e-newsletters.

MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Open Courseware (Search for “Intelligent Transportation Systems”, including the “ marks)

UCB/TT – U.C. Berkeley Tech Transfer
Classroom and online training on a wide range of traffic engineering and planning topics.

Electronic Newsletters with ITS and Operations Content:

Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN)
Subscribe at:

National Transportation Operations Coalition – “Talking Operations”
Subscribe at:

Libraries and Websites with Extensive ITS and Operations Content:

USDOT National Transportation Library
Contains thousands of ITS research studies, project reports, and other documents from across the nation.

U.C. Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies Library
An research library with international materials, plus electronic links to other major transportation libraries.

USDOT ITS Joint Programs Office (JPO)
Describes the USDOT ITS research and implementation program, including Connected Vehicles, plus links to many resources that will be useful in planning and deployment of ITS projects.

ITS Projects: Benefits, Costs, Lessons Learned, and Deployments Nationwide

ITS Architecture Website
Info on National and Border ITS Architectures.

ITS Systems Engineering (S.E.) Publications

ITS Standards Website
In-depth info on status, training and content of ITS standards.

Fun and (Educational) Games!
“Gridlock Buster” is an engaging video game for teens and post-teens that teaches traffic control concepts/skills. Developed by the Univ. of Minnesota, ITS Institute.