Google Earth being discontinued December 12, 2015

The map display in Caltrans Earth uses the Google Earth Application Program Interface (API) and Plug-In software. Google announced they will be retiring their API and Plug-In software on December 12, 2015.

We were notified by Google that these components were developed on an older technology that they consider a security risk. There are no announcements from Google about continuing these products and services using other technology platforms.

In the meantime, as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers continue releasing their own software upgrades, users will begin experiencing diminishing support for the Google technology components of Caltrans Earth. For the time being, we recommend using Caltrans Earth in Internet Explorer 11.

Currently, we are determining the future direction and evolution of Caltrans Earth as a web-based spatial data access solution. The Caltrans Earth website will be updated as events occur.

In lieu of Google Earth, you can find the Functional Classification by viewing the California Road System (CRS) maps.

Below is a screenshot that appears when trying to access Caltrans Earth:

ct earth

If you have any questions regarding Caltrans Earth, please send an email to: