ADA Compliance Review

Update 1/20/2016: All ADAIP contracts have been suspended until further notice.

The Caltrans ADA Infrastructure Program is currently performing an audit of all local agencies for federal ADA compliance1. They have consulted with National ADA Accrediting & Consulting, Inc. (ADAAC) to check if local agencies have the ADA administrative requirements2 in place:

  1. Designating an ADA coordinator
  2. Public notice of the ADA’s provisions
  3. Establishing grievance procedures
  4. Performing a self-evaluation
  5. Developing a transition plan

ADAAC will be contacting local agencies on behalf of the Caltrans ADA Infrastructure Program between now and November 2016 to collect supporting information. If your agency hasn’t been contacted by ADAAC yet, here’s a copy of the letter being sent to local agency ADA coordinators:


For additional information about the effort, contact Lisa Denham (, 916-259-1825) with ADACC.

  1. 49 CFR Part 27 and 28 CFR Part 35 
  2. In addition to Chapter 9 of the LAPM, another resource for information about the administrative requirements is U.S. DOJ’s Civil Rights Division ADA Best Practices Tool Kit

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  1. Note that smaller agencies with less than 50 employees are not required to have a Transition Plan, although it is still recommended.

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