LPP 16-01 Technical Changes

Local Programs Procedure (LPP) 16-01 has been issued by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance to incorporate miscellaneous clarifications and corrections made by previous LPP’s and Office Bulletins. The following Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) chapters and exhibits have been updated:

  • Chapter 2, Roles and Responsibilities, and Exhibit 2-B
  • Chapter 3, Project Authorization, and Exhibits 3-A, B, C, D and Q
  • Chapter 5, Invoices, and Exhibit 5-J
  • Chapter 7, Field Review, and Exhibit 7-B
  • Chapter 10, Consultant Selection, and Exhibit 10-U
  • Chapter 12, Plans, Specifications, and Estimate, and Exhibits 12-B, D, E, G and H
  • Chapter 14, Utility Relocations
  • Chapter 15, Advertise and Award Project
  • Chapter 17, Project Completion, and Exhibit 17-A
  • Chapter 20, Deficiencies and Sanctions

Additionally, OB 13-06, Revised LAPM Chapter 12, has been fully incorporated into the LAPM and expired.

For additional information, refer to LPP 16-01 or contact David Giongco at (916) 651-6872 or david.giongco@dot.ca.gov.