Attend Principles of Constructing Quality Asphalt Pavements

Join the Asphalt Institute for a one day course on the “Principles of Constructing Quality Asphalt Pavements.”

Course Description

Constructing high quality asphalt pavements is the goal of our industry. You can learn to produce high quality pavements by learning the basic principles of hot-mix asphalt pavement construction and the inspector’s responsibilities at the various stages in the construction process. You will develop a general understanding of hot-mix materials, production, placement and compaction operations. Extra attention will be given to mix placement and compaction.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for engineers, inspectors, technicians and contractor personnel responsible for quality control of paving materials, mix design procedures, the inspection and operations of asphalt plants and paving operations. Participation should include personnel from federal, state, county and local agencies, airport authorities, paving contractors, consulting engineers and testing laboratories. The workshop is geared for the technician level and as a basic refresher course for the practicing engineer.

For more information and to register, refer to the Asphalt Academy Classes page.


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