UC Berkeley Tech Transfer Expands Transportation Planning Training Series

For the academic year 2016-2017, UC Berkeley Tech Transfer is expanding its Transportation Planning online training series to include the hottest topics in professional practice today–including innovative bikeways, parking management, TODs, BRT planning, commercial site development, VMT analysis, and multimodal operations. Tech Transfer’s updated and recently expanded Transportation Planning online training series addresses a critical need for professional development among the rank and file, as well as management levels, of public agencies throughout California (and beyond), who are tasked with planning future land use developments and/or programming future transportation investments.

All of the following courses are subsidized for California local agency employees under the Caltrans Cooperative Training Assistance Program.

Below is a quick summary of their new training courses on Transportation Planning, mostly online. All courses have AICP CM credits, pending AICP approval.

TE-55 Parking Management for Sustainable Development 
PL-61 Transit-Oriented Development: Putting it all Together
TE-54 Commercial Development Site Design and Traffic Impact Analysis
PL-60 Bus Rapid Transit: Planning, Design, and Operations  
TE-53: VMT Metrics Application & Analysis for SB 743 Compliance 
TE-43: Multimodal Transportation Operations: Evaluation Methods & Performance Measures
TE-52: Bikeway Facility Design and Safety Improvements