Statewide Approval of Permanent Repairs under Caltrans’ Emergency Opening (EO) Procedures

Due to the severe winter storms that have affected California, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grants statewide approval of permanent repairs that are most practical if completed using Caltrans’ Emergency Opening (EO) procedures to restore federal aid highway facilities. The approval applies to projects resulting from Disaster Events CA 17-1 and CA 17-2 while other disaster events are not covered under this statewide approval.

With this approval, Emergency Relief (ER) projects meeting the requirements are authorized to proceed with the necessary permanent repairs in accordance with Caltrans’ EO procedures. The permanent repairs must occur within the existing right of way, in addition to one of the following conditions being met:

  • Immediate completion of permanent repairs is the most economical option to restore essential traffic; or
  • Permanent repairs are the only practical alternative to restore essential traffic when a detour that can safely accommodate essential traffic does not exist.

Along with this determination, supporting documentation must be signed by the responsible charge employee and be included with the Damage Assessment Form (DAF). Submission of the DAF is not necessary prior to the start of work, however, for Federal-aid consideration the DAF must be submitted no later than three months after the initial site inspection date.

If you have any questions related to this determination, please contact Josue M. Yambo, Sr. Transportation Engineer, at (213) 894-5351 or

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  1. Note that the environmental permitting agencies will still need to be contacted ASAP to ensure that they concur with the emergency nature of the PR work. Otherwise, NEPA will need to be completed before the PR work begins.

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