Approval of Earmark Repurposing Transfer Requests

The Final Approved List of Repurposed Earmarks has been posted on the Local Assistance website under Final Approved Earmark Repurposing Project List.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 allowed States and territories to repurpose certain funds originally earmarked for specific projects more than 10 years ago. Caltrans submitted all associated transfer requests to FHWA by September 30, 2016. FHWA began approving most requests for transfers from California in March of this year and all processing was completed by April 7, 2017. Requests for Federal authorization to proceed may now be submitted in accordance with the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM).

Regarding the apportionment figures and associated Federal Program Codes shown in the Approved List:

  • The apportionments corresponding with Federal Program Codes RPS9, RPE9, RN79, RN49, RNZ9, RNE9 have been made available with an equal amount of Special Obligation Authority (OA).
  • The apportionments corresponding with Federal Program Code RPF9 were made available without Special OA. If local agencies were to utilize an RPF9 apportionment they would need to utilize their region’s regular OA.

Additional notes related to Requests for Authorization:

  • The Request for Authorization requirements will generally be the same as for other Federal aid projects (ie – programming in an FTIP/FSTIP required).
  • The amounts shown in the Approved List may differ from those in the initial Earmark Repurposing lists. The amounts shown are the Final amounts transferred by FHWA.

Additional information on Repurposed Earmarks may be found at the 2016 Earmark Repurposing link on the Local Assistance homepage.

Local Agencies who have questions may contact their District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE).