POLICY UPDATE: OB 17-02 A&E Consultant Contract Review

Office Bulletin (OB) 17-02 Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Consultant Contract Review

A completed Exhibit 10-C, A&E Consultant Contract Review Checklist, for new or amended federal and/or state funded consultant contracts must be accepted by Caltrans prior to contract award effective October 1, 2017. Exhibit 10-C has been revised to identify critical elements of the consultant procurement process to increase compliance with 23 CFR 172 and Government Code 4525-4529.5.

Please refer to OB 17-02 and its attachments below for details.

A&E 10C Training

A series of 2-Hour workshops have been scheduled in every district to discuss these changes. Please make sure your local agency attends one of the workshops.  A list of dates and locations of workshops can be found here.