FHWA Resilience Webinar Series

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is holding several webinars discussing the results of four different resilience-focused projects conducted in cooperation with its State and local partners. FHWA developed information, examples and lessons learned on integrating resilience concerns into planning, project development and project engineering.

Upcoming Resilience Webinar Topics:

  1. Synthesis of Approaches for Addressing Resilience in Project Development
    • Approaches for addressing Resilience in Project Development
    • Lessons Learned in Transportation Engineering Related to Coastal and Riverine Flooding
    • Lessons Learned in Transportation Engineering Related to Pavement/Soils and Mechanical/Electrical Vulnerabilities
  2. Post-Hurricane Sandy Transportation Resilience Study in NY, NJ, and CT
  3. Green Infrastructure
    • Pilots I
    • Pilots II
  4. FHWA’s Climate Change & Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment Framework

For more details on these webinars, including date/time and registration information, please visit the FHWA Resilience Webinars webpage.