Caltrans Subsidized Courses for Local Agencies from UC Berkeley

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance provides funding to UC Berkeley, Tech Transfer, to allow local agencies a reduced rate on several transportation-related courses.


Check out our current list of open subsidized classes below.


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UC Berkeley, Tech Transfer Subsidized Courses
Code Title Dates Location
TE-24 Traffic Signal Diagnostics and Maintenance January 18, 2018 Costa Mesa
IDM-27 Superpave Mix Design for Local Agencies January 22-24, 2018 Online
TE-13 Synchro and SimTraffic V10 January 30-31, 2018 Costa Mesa
TE-02 Traffic Signal Design: Engineering Concepts February 6-7, 2018 Fresno
TE-32 Pedestrian Facility Design February 6-8, 2018 Online
IDM-23 Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Methodology for Bridges March 28-29, 2018 Richmond
TE-51 Adaptive Traffic Control Systems April 3-12, 2018 Online
PL-02 Funding and Programming Transportation Projects in California April 11-12, 2018 Woodland
TE-13 Synchro and SimTraffic V10 May 2-3, 2018 Berkeley