Protocols for the Assessment and Repair of Bridge Foundations

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) National Geotechnical Team announced the availability of the completed research report titled “Protocols for the Assessment and Repair of Bridge Foundations” (FHWA-HIF-17-044). This report is intended to provide guidance to bridge owners for preparing for and responding to bridge foundation failures that result in the need to close a bridge or portion thereof for any period of time. The focus is on restoring the load carrying capacity of the failed foundation so that the bridge can be put back into service. Case histories of recent bridge foundation failures are described, and guidance is provided on preparing for foundation events by collecting records, establishing response teams and developing notification and communication protocols.

The publication is immediately available for download from the Geotechnical page of the Office of Bridges and Structures website. A direct link to the document is here. Questions regarding this research effort may be directed to Mr. Khalid Mohamed at 202-366-0886; or Mr. Silas Nichols at 202-366-1554;