Assuring Quality in Geotechnical Reporting Documents (FHWA-NHI-17-016)

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced the availability of “GEC 14 – Assuring Quality in Geotechnical Reporting Documents (FHWA-NHI-17-016). This publication presents information intended to assist users with effectively incorporating Quality Assurance (QA) into the preparation of Geotechnical Reporting Documents (GRDs), which includes reports and other documents that communicate geotechnical data, analysis and recommendations. This publication becomes the fourteenth in the series of geotechnical engineering guidelines called “Geotechnical Engineering Circulars.”

The publication is available for download from the Geotechnical page of the Office of Bridges and Structures website. A direct link to the document is here. Questions regarding these publications may be directed to Barry Siel at 720-963-3208; or Silas Nichols at 202-366-1554;