Mark Samuelson

Mark SamuelsonMark Samuelson is the Chief of the Office of Policy Development and Quality Assurance. He manages and oversees the development of policies and procedures for the successful delivery of local transportation projects. Mark also manages the local assistance training program and provides guidance throughout the state of California.

Mark has been employed by Caltrans for over 14 years as a Civil Engineer. He started his career in District 3 in North Region Design. Through the rotation program Mark’s experience increased working in other assignments in Construction, Hydraulics, and Advance Planning. He later took an assignment at Headquarters where he served as the Project Delivery Asset manager, Chief of the Office of GIS, Chief of the Office of Highway System Information and Performance, and Chief of Office of Materials and Infrastructure.

Mark received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the California State University, Sacramento. He has also earned the Project Management Certification through California State University, Sacramento and is an Eagle Scout. Mark and his wife have six children three boys and three girls.