POLICY UPDATE: FHWA Approval of A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role

All Local Public Agencies that solicit to hire A&E consultant(s) in a management support role must obtain FHWA approval prior to contract execution. This authority is not delegated to Caltrans. Please refer to DLA-OB-17-01 A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role below for more information. DLA-OB 17-01 A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role Attachment … Read more

CPB 17-1, “Permanent Pedestrian Facilities Construction Inspection Documentation” Issued

Construction Policy Bulletin CPB 17-1, “Permanent Pedestrian Facilities Construction Inspection Documentation,” has been posted on the Caltrans Division of Construction website. This bulletin announces mandatory use of forms to document compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for construction of permanent pedestrian facilities. It instructs resident engineers to refer to Construction Policy Bulletin 14-1, … Read more

Office Bulletin 16-03 Capital Subvention Reimbursement Allocation and De-allocation

The Capital Subvention Reimbursement Allocation (CSRA) process is used to streamline and track the reimbursement of local assistance subvention funds used for capital outlay costs for projects on the State Highway System administered by Caltrans. Office Bulletin 16-03 provides updated procedural guidance of the CSRA process. For additional information, refer to Office Bulletin 16-03 or contact … Read more

Office Bulletin 16-02 Period of Performance

The Period of Performance, which defines when federally reimbursable costs can be incurred, is now required to be identified with every federal authorization request. Local agencies will need to identify a date in which no additional costs will be incurred. Office Bulletin 16-02 defines the Period of Performance End Date and Agreement End Date and … Read more