FHWA “Concrete Clips” Video Series

The Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Infrastructure is developing a series of informational videos on topics of interest in concrete technology to aid technology transfer. The “Concrete Clips” video series will provide a concise overview of the subject to present key information about the subject. The videos are to serve as a source of information, … Read more

Webinar on Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete on the Pulaski Skyway

Join the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for a webinar on ” Use of Ultra-High Performance Concrete on the Pulaski Skyway – Owner’s Perspective.”  This webinar will provide an overview of the utilization of UHPC on the Pulaski Skyway project.  Detailed information will be provided about the project from the design stage through construction.  It will also … Read more

Learn about Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Prefabricated Bridge Element Connections

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) can be used to create simple, strong, long-lasting connections needed for successful construction using prefabricated bridge elements (PBEs). Compared to many solutions in current use, UHPC allows for small, simple-to-construct connections that require less volume of field-cast concrete and do not require post-tensioning. The mechanical properties of UHPC also allow for redesign … Read more

Caltrans Approval of New Bridge Railing with Sidewalk

The Division of Engineering Services (DES) has issued a memorandum approving a new bridge railing with a sidewalk.  The memorandum provides information with regard to the new Bridge Standard Detail Sheets (XS).  The new sheets are: XS16-110-1 Concrete Barrier Type 732SW – Details No. 1 (pdf) XS16-110-1 Concrete Barrier Type 732SW – Details No. 1 (dgn) XS16-110-2 Concrete … Read more