Next Round of Repurposing Earmarks

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance is starting the next round of repurposing earmarks.  To be eligible for repurpose, an earmark must have been designated on or before September 30, 2006, and must be either: Less than 10 percent earmark funds obligated, or Completed and closed if more than 10 percent earmark funds obligated. To be … Read more

Office Bulletin 16-03 Capital Subvention Reimbursement Allocation and De-allocation

The Capital Subvention Reimbursement Allocation (CSRA) process is used to streamline and track the reimbursement of local assistance subvention funds used for capital outlay costs for projects on the State Highway System administered by Caltrans. Office Bulletin 16-03 provides updated procedural guidance of the CSRA process. For additional information, refer to Office Bulletin 16-03 or contact … Read more