POLICY UPDATE: FHWA Approval of A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role

All Local Public Agencies that solicit to hire A&E consultant(s) in a management support role must obtain FHWA approval prior to contract execution. This authority is not delegated to Caltrans. Please refer to DLA-OB-17-01 A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role below for more information. DLA-OB 17-01 A&E Consultants in a Management Support Role Attachment … Read more

Local Assistance Procedures for Simultaneous Processing of Allocation/Authorization Requests

In an effort to minimize delays on projects requiring both California Transportation Commission (CTC) Allocations and Federal Authorizations to Proceed, Caltrans Division of Local Assistance released an Office Memorandum on July 7, 2016 which establishes and documents the procedure that allows local agencies the option of submitting CTC Allocation requests and Federal Authorization requests simultaneously for any project component. … Read more

LPP 16-01 Technical Changes

Local Programs Procedure (LPP) 16-01 has been issued by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance to incorporate miscellaneous clarifications and corrections made by previous LPP’s and Office Bulletins. The following Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) chapters and exhibits have been updated: Chapter 2, Roles and Responsibilities, and Exhibit 2-B Chapter 3, Project Authorization, and Exhibits 3-A, B, … Read more