Local Labor Hiring Pilot Program

The Division of Local Assistance recently informed local agencies on how to particpate on the new Local Labor Hiring Pilot Program. The pilot program will allow local agencies to use local hiring provisions on their federal-aid projects. Any project funded by FTA or FHWA advertised by March 5, 2016, can be considered for the pilot program.

To participate in the pilot program, local agencies will need to submit a [SEP-14]1 work plan to their DLAE for forwarding to FHWA. A template and list of general requirements has been created to help prepare a work plan

For additional information, check out these resources:

  1. The pilot program is carried out under FHWA’s Special Experimental Project No. 14 Authority 

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  1. Three additional were added to the Local Hiring Contracting Initiative Q&A’swere posted on the website (http://www.dot.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/docs/Consolidated_QAs_PilotProgram_052715.pdf)

    They are:

    41. Can contracting agencies propose to use preferences or requirements for State or local contractors under the Pilot Program?
    • No, a requirement or preference for the use of State or local contractors is likely to create more than an incidental effect on the pool of potential bidders for Federal-aid highway or transit projects and thus would not fit within the scope of the Office of Legal Counsel opinion. Those kinds of contracting preferences may unduly limit competition by excluding a certain class (out of State contractors).

    42. Does the pilot program allow for FHWA and FTA to consider the use of labor hiring preferences on architectural or engineering service contracts?
    • The Pilot Program is focused primarily on generating economic opportunity associated with construction employment. If a contracting agency has a project that would generate significant job or training opportunities, the USDOT encourages agencies to submit such requests for review.

    43. As it relates to the one-year time period for the pilot program, is a draft RFP considered to be an advertisement?
    • No, a draft RFP is not an official solicitation which results in the submission of bids or proposals.”

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