DLA Office Bulletin 14-06 Extended Another Year

After a review of its effectiveness, Office Bulletin 14-06 has been extended one more year.

Office Bulletin 14-06: Review of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Contract Goals and Good Faith Efforts – Pilot Study was originally issued September 24, 2014. As a Pilot Study, the bulletin established a policy for HQ review of the DBE goal setting process and Good Faith Effort review for local agency construction contracts greater than $2 million and consultant contracts greater than $500,000. The bulletin further required that local agencies provide anticipated award dates along with  its “Request for Authorization to Proceed” for all contracts. And finally, the bulletin stated that the policy would be analyzed for effectiveness 12 months from its issuance and the results of the pilot study would assist in determining whether any changes were warranted.

One year later, analysis of the implementation results of OB 14-06 determined that it has been effective. As such, OB 14-06 is has been extended and will remain in effect for another year.

If you have any questions regarding OB 14-06 or this notification, please contact Robert Padilla, DBE Program Manager, California Department of Transportation, at 916.651.8911 or robert.padilla@dot.ca.gov.