Suspension of the SRT Systems

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) suspended the use of the SRT 350 6-post, 8-post, and 9-post systems and the SRT-27SP and SRT-31 guardrail end treatments in state highway projects and for replacement and repairs of existing installations until further notice.

Caltrans considers the above end treatments to have a manufacturing defect because the assembly instructions do not clearly show the proper orientation of the rails. This has resulted in some improper installations that may affect performance.

Caltrans has requested the manufacturer either modify the design so it can only be installed correctly, and/or provide conspicuous on-product markings, along with appropriate instructions, to prevent reversed assembly of the second rail and slot guards.  Upon taking the corrective measures, Caltrans shall promptly reevaluate its suspension of the SRT systems.

For more information, contact your Caltrans District Local Assistance Engineer.