Status of Pre-Award Audits has been Posted Online

When a new local agency code (Locode) is requested by a local agency, Caltrans Local Assistance requests a pre-award audit of the local agency to be performed by Caltrans Audits and Investigations (A&I). The work that is necessary within Local Assistance to generate a new Locode after successful pre-award audit completion can normally be done relatively quickly, but with finite resources in A&I and given their considerable workload, the current timeframe to complete a pre-award audit is often six months or longer. Particularly because the remaining work to complete a pre-award audit report may span a considerable length of time itself (after the actual audit fieldwork is completed), local agencies often inquire of Local Assistance as to when their audits will be completed. As Local Assistance is somewhat removed from the pre-award audit process, and to assist local agencies with their inquiries, Local Assistance has begun posting online a Status of Pre-award audits, which is based on a monthly update provided by A&I. This status report will posted online at the following: